Edition of /25 + 5 Artist Proof
Edition Mixed Media painting acrylic and carcoal on white 320 g/m2 paper
Signed and numbered by the artist
50 × 80 cm (19,6 × 31,5 inches)

450 euro


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Amadora , PORTUGAL

CF Estrela da Amadora , SAD

35 m 2

November 2023

The art is something uncontrollable. We showcase our work, and we never know where it can take us. When I start a project, I don't know how it will end. In the beginning, I have inspiration, an idea, a story, a cause... and it evolves, never ceasing to evolve, because in the end, each person who looks at it will see and feel it in a different way. They will discover and express impressions that I myself did not notice.

The Director of Estrela, Paulo Lopo, expressed interest in my work and later proposed creating a mural with my art. At first, I was surprised because I don't come from the world of football, and I don't know much about it, but a challenge is always welcome. I always need a story as a starting point in my creations, and to my surprise, I was in the heart of an inclusive city, with all races coming together and respecting each other. This ideology of tolerance, inclusion, and friendship was what I observed at Estrela do Amadora.

So, I immediately chose to include race and gender, with motifs from Portuguese tilework of the 17th and 18th centuries that I recovered from the National Tile Museum, to represent this team where differences make no difference. I discovered that football is above any ideology that does not promote unity.

Now, I, who don't know much about football, believe that this inclusion that promotes dreams and hope should be passed on to children, as they will be the opinion formers in the future. They will be the Estrela of tomorrow.

With great pride, I present to you this work called "Dreamers." Thank you, Estrela, gratitude.