Good morning, friends. We are happy because several people have been getting in touch with an interest in helping Cercima in Montijo, but they don't have sufficient financial resources to purchase the painting. Therefore, to enable the goodwill of those who have been moved by this cause, starting today, I am making available a limited edition of 600 signed prints of the artwork created in collaboration with the students of Cercima at The Azulejos Museum in Lisbon.

You can get in touch here on Instagram to assist or go directly to my website in the Cercima section. The cost is only 150 euros, and all the money will be donated to the school.

Please remember that this money will be directed towards the project to build a residence for that will serve as housing for these special individuals who no longer have families and are alone in the world, without support or protection. This project is humanitarian and of great importance. I am 100% committed to Cercima , and I hope that you also find it in your hearts to join us in this chain of goodness.

For those who genuinely cannot help in the two options I presented, Cercima offers the opportunity to become a member and contribute a minimum of 1 euro per month.


My friends, let's help; it's very important.

Art available 


Acrylic painting on tiles, Indian ink and charcoal 

135 cm x 90 cm

10 000 euro

Print available 


75 cm x 55 cm

150 euro