I present to you my "MARIZA" collection.She talks about a love story where a woman mourns her husband who has gone to sea.

During my trip to Lisbon, I attended a fado concert, a mixture of melancholy and passion, these are the feelings that inspired this collection.Each use of the AZULEJOS that I use on my works have been discovered at the national museum of AZULEJOS in LISBON and in the municipal market of SETUBAL.

The history of these tiles, called azulejos, is very present in the artistic expression of Portuguese culture from the Renaissance to the 20th century.

My creative process begins with a historical research where I will write on paper each theme of my works because for me, it is very important to tell a story.

Then, I travel to the historical places that inspire me and take pictures of each element that is important for the construction of my story.

Afterwards, I organize a photo shoot in the studio with models to achieve as much as possible the emotion that I want to describe in my works.And there begins a very long digital process where I connect and transform each element of my research into a work of art....

Once all the digital part is done, I import AZULEJOS (tiles) directly from Portugal and make a special high definition print on top.


Voici un lieu qui m'a beaucoup inspiré pour la collection MARIZA. Le Musée Nacional des Azuléjos, à Lisbonne, est l'un des musées les plus importants du Portugal, pour sa collection unique, dédiée aux carreaux, une expression artistique qui différencie la culture portugaise, et pour le bâtiment unique dans lequel il est installé, l'ancien Convento da Madre de God, fondée en 1509 par la reine Leonor. 

Voici un lieu qui m'a beaucoup inspiré pour la collection MARIZA. Le Marché Municipal de SETUBAL, ou une immense fresque d'azulejos surplombe ce magnifique marché alimentaire.