14 av TERNES

After Miami 'New York, O Gringo settles for the first time on Paris at 14 Avenue des Ternes

This singular artist revisits through his ultra graphic work, Adam

And Eve, the genesis of the world in urban pop mode.

His talent then leads us to the early 19th century and highlights the "Fado" melancholy music popular and revolutionary now inscribed in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

In the meantime, you will discover Queen Elizabeth II in pop art, a tribute to Britney Spears and viagra and lots of other surprises

Between digital art, graphics, pop alternative and crazy culture, El Gringo makes us dance to the sound of Latin ambiances.

His art as his name - invoke fashion, party and celebrate the change of scenery.

Come surprise yourself and let yourself be carried away by the O Gringo madness

Our first production of the 14 dull exclusive Ellia Art Gallery 3.0 - welcome in the digital age.

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